OATH OF THE WARDEN Provides an Unofficial D&D Paladin Subclass Focused on the Arcane

Oath of the Warden is an unofficial Paladin subclass for Dungeons & Dragons. It was created by Stratos Fotakis, and it’s an interesting idea. The Wardens (my name for them) are all about protecting their plane from extraplanar threats. This means that they are more focused on the arcane than other Paladins, and they get some interesting abilities. For example, at level 3, you can use the Arcane Smite ability to make your Divine Smite deal force damage and do more against aberrations. The Wardens also get access to many spells for dealing with arcane items and foes such as Detect Magic and Counterspell. This is definitely something to look at if you’re looking for a new take on the Paladin.

Seekers and preservers of cosmical knowledge, they understand that in order to keep the balance in the cosmos they have to take matters into their own hands. Those paladins acquire abilities that ward them from magical effects and help them smite creatures that originate from other planes, such as aberrations and fiends.

You can purchase Oath of the Warden from DMs Guild for $0.95.

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