Olivia Cooke Says She's Signed on For Multiple READY PLAYER ONE Sequels; But Will They Happen?

Ready Player One is one of my favorite movies that was released this year. I've been hoping that we would see a sequel. The movie did well enough at the box office to warrant one, and now we've learned that actress Olivia Cooke has signed on for multiple sequels. While talking to Digital Spy about the film, she said:

"I've signed my life away, so I'm contracted to sequels but I don't know [if they're happening]. I haven't heard anything. We'll see." 

If Cooke is signed on for the sequels then I'm sure that many of the other actors from the first film are as well. We just don't know when or if the sequels will ever happen. Warner Bros. was obviously planning on more and I hope that they eventually follow through with those sequels.

Author Ernest Cline is currently writing the sequel to the book and I wonder if the studio is just waiting for that to be finished before they decide on whether or not to move forward with the sequel to the film. 

Also, the fact that Cooke is signed up for more than one sequel makes me wonder if Cline has plans to write a third book in the Ready Player One series. Could there be a full-on trilogy being planned? I hope so! 

Are you hoping to see a Ready Player One sequel get made? If it does happen, I wonder if Spielberg will come back to direct it. 

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