ONE PUNCH MAN is Getting a Second Season

One Punch Man has officially been signed on for a second season according to Anime News Network. For those unaware, the show is currently available on demand on Toonami on Adult Swim and airing weekly in its "Dub" form.

If you haven't watched the show, you need to check it out! I'm late to the game and just recently got in myself, and the show's mixture of comedy and action is just incredible! It seriously might be the funniest anime I've ever seen, and the animation is gorgeous. 

I highlight the humor because based on all the pictures and cosplay I saw, I assumed this was a serious show. While it is pretty gory and action-heavy at times, the show manages to have a good amount of light moments that make for a great experience. 

The show (which is based on the manga) centers around Saitama, who left the world of business three years ago to become a hero. After an intense training regimen, he went bald and became the world's strongest man. Turns out that can be pretty boring, and the show focuses on his journey trying to find a worthy opponent and gain notoriety as a hero. 

See the trailer below and look out for season two! Unfortunately, there's no release date yet.

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