ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2 May Premiere This August

We’ve mentioned the One Punch Man event in Japan that will take place in August. Rumors had it that a trailer for the long-awaited season 2 would air, but now rumors indicate that it may be something more. Comicbook reports that a now-deleted tweet said that the premiere of season 2 would air at the event. After being deleted, many fans wrote it off as nothing more than speculation, until Yonkou Productions sent out this tweet:

J.C. Staff has seemingly not commented on any of this, but with how eager fans are for a taste of season 2, it might be a very good move on their part. If you haven’t watched season 1, you can find it on Netflix. It is a shonen anime that pokes fun at other shonen anime, making it amazing! Do you think fans will see season 2 as early as August? When will it be on Netflix for those of us in the west?

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