One Site Figured Out the Court Sentences for 10 Disney Villains


Last week we got our first look at the characters in Guy Ritchie’s live-action version of Aladdin, and the results seem to be mixed. Many are complaining about Will Smith’s Genie, while others are talking about how hot Marwen Kenzari is as Jafar.

However, did you know that Jafar would be sentenced to roughly 164 years and 6 months for his crimes? Plus, he’d have to pay fines of $31,000. At least, that would be his sentence if he was a US citizen.

Decluttr has actually taken ten of the villains from Disney films and found what their sentences would be for their crimes, assuming they were taken to a US court. If that sentence for Jafar seems heavy, it should, considering he is guilty of treason, theft, and attempted murder.

However, he’s only the second largest sentence on the list, so who’s worse? Check out the link below and you can head over to the original article to read a few more details.

Lady Tremaine – Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment, Criminal Damage

Cruella De Vil – Theft, Reckless Driving, Cruelty to Animals


Prince John – Assault, Treason, Abuse of Power

The Evil Queen – Attempted Murder, Abuse of Power, False Imprisonment


Gaston – Breaking and Entering, Bribery, Incitement to Riot

Ursula – Attempted Murder, Murder, False Imprisonment, Treason

Scar – Murder, Child Endangerment, Assault

Hades – Murder, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping

Jafar – Treason, Theft, Attempted Murder

Captain Hook – Piracy, Attempted Murder, Murder, Kidnapping

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