Oozma Kappa Party Clip for Monsters University Short - PARTY CENTRAL

Pixar has released another clip from their upcoming Monsters University short film Party Central. The Oozma Kappa frat party gets underway as they start stealing party guests from ROR's frat house party. I already had the opportunity to see the short at D23. If you were a fan of Monsters University, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the short that Pixar came up with.

It took Pixar's team eight months to make the short, which is set to screen with showings of The Muppets: Most Wanted on March 21st, 2014. I also included the first clip that was released for you to watch in case you missed it. The story supervisor on Monsters University, Kelsey Mann, directed the short, and John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Charlie Day, and Peter Sohn all reprise their roles as the Oozma Kappa brothers. Thanks to Disney for the embed!