Optimus Prime Gets a Cool TRANSFORMERS/GHOSTBUSTERS Mashup Action Figure For SDCC

We’ve already shown you the Transformers and Ghostbusters action figure featuring a Transforming ECTO-1 called ECTO-1 ECTOTRON. Well, today we have our first look a new Transformers/Ghostbusters mashup action figure, and this one gives Optimus Prime a whole new look!

The figure is called the Ecto-35. and as you can see, he’s been given and cool Ghostbusters-style makeover! This is an exclusive figure that will only be available at San Diego Comic-Con.

The set includes “a 9.5-inch-tall Optimus Prime, who of course transforms into his iconic semi truck. Only in this version, dubbed the Ecto-35, he’s sporting the Ghostbusters logo and motto on the side, with a splash of green slime for good measure. The trailer converts into a ghost-busting base when Optimus is in his robot form, and comes complete with maintenance supplies and a ghost trap.”

The packaging for the figure is pretty awesome as well, because it’s a proton pack that you can wear on your back!

The MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con on July 18-21 and will cost $149.99. You can check out some more images of the toy below.

Source: Polygon

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