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"This place is bullshit!" 

I recently watched the first season of Orange is the New Black, and holy shit, it was good! I didn't think I'd enjoy it which is why I waited so long to watch it, but people kept telling me… "You gotta watch it!" So I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm going to be that guy telling you to watch it if you haven't seen it yet. The series stars Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a 30-something woman serving a 15-month sentence after being convicted of abetting her drug-dealing girlfriend. 

For those of you who have watched it, we have the first trailer for the second season for you to check out, and it looks like we're in for another crazy chapter in the series with the female inmates of Litchfield prison. 

Season two will be released on Netflix on June 6th, 2014. 

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