Original Storyboards for the Original STAR WARS Trilogy

To be honest with you, the concept of a coffee table book seems kind of silly to me. However, I think that I found one that I must own.

io9 released some images from Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy. It shows what the original storyboards looked like. It is amazing to see how they thought the scenes would look as compared to what the movies turned out to be. Also, there are great little tidbits about how they were made. Here is one that the report included:

With artists working frantically to produce tons of images under deadline. The little notes in the margins reveal that Joe Johnston once created 40 storyboards in a single day, as Lucas kept changing his mind about how the Death Star trench run sequence would go — and all the VFX artists were waiting for Johnson to sketch the new version.

Like I said, I am convinced that I need this book. Check out several pieces of concept art below, along with a video promoting the book.

C3pO and R2D2 escape. "Imperial gunners let the drifting life pod sail by." Art by Joe Johnston.

An early iteration of the rebel fighters' departure from Yavin 4 as the attack on the Death Star begins – Gary Myers

Two walkers remain and the rebels have to retreat. - Joe Johnston

A giant log bars Luke and Leia's path – Joe Johnston

Art by Joe Johnston

A lone rebel ship pursued by four Star Destroyers (not all were depicted) - Alex Tavoularis

A close up of Vader in his TIE fighter – Joe Johnston

Chicken walkers (AT-Sts) mop up the corpse-strewn snowfields – Ivor Beddoes

An unidentified storyboard artist, probably working with director Richard Marquand in the UK, drew an early set of storyboards for the barge and Sarlacc sequences.

Aboard the rebel "headquarters frigate", Mon Mothma, General Nadine, and Admiral Ackbar explain their strategy for destroying the second Death Star. - Joe Johnston

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