Our First Look at Dazzler in X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Comes From a New Music Video For The Film

It was already confirmed that Dazzler would make her big movie debut in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but she hasn’t been included in any of the trailers, TV spots, or promos for the film… until now.

A music video has been released for one of the film's tie-in songs called "Extraordinary Being" by Emeli Sande. The music video features footage from the film and at the two minute mark, a blonde woman in a white jumpsuit appears on screen, as light energy swirls around her in the air.

We don’t know how big a role Dazzler will play in the film, but I imagine it won’t be a big one. As for who is playing the character, I’m not sure who it is. It was rumored at one point that The Orville’s Halston Sage would be playing the character, but I can’t tell if that’s her.

Unfortunately, the character won’t get any real character development. She’ll briefly show up in this final film and then that’ll be it. Maybe Marvel will utilize her more when they eventually get around to making an X-Men movie.

Dark Phoenix is set to hit theaters on Friday, June 7th.

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