Outraged Audiences Walked Out of Lars Von Trier's Brutal Serial Killer Film THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT at Cannes and Here's the Trailer

The first trailer has been released for Lars Von Trier’s latest film, The House That Jack Built. The film stars Matt Dillon as Jack, who is a brutal serial killer, and Uma Thurman, who ends up being one of his victims. In fact, he bashes her face in with a car jack. It looks like an insane and demented movie but there's also a little humorous flair that makes the whole thing seem so much more uncomfortable. But then that's exactly the kind of film that you should expect from Von Trier!

The film takes place in 1970s USA following serial killer Jack, "and the murders that define his development in this field. Viewers experience the story from Jack’s point of view with each murder described as artwork. As the police close in, he takes more chances and also has revealing conversations about his personal condition with Verge", who is played by Downfall’s Bruno Ganz.

The movie recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where over 100 outraged people walked out of it because of the disturbing and disgusting content. According to Variety, the main scene that caused walkouts "involved Dillon’s character shooting a hunting rifle at two small children, as he blows their heads off."

The film also stars Riley Keough, Siobhan Fallon and Sofie Gråbøl. Watch the trailer below and let us know if this is a film that you'll be checking out. 

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