Pac-Man Pint Glass Changes Colors When Filled With Liquid

If you're looking for a cool gift for the old-school gamer in your life, or just looking to pick up a new addition to your own cupboard, you could do a lot worse than this Pac-Man pint glass from OddityMall. It starts out with all of its designs being white, but changes colors when cold liquid is added to the glass. 

This Pac-Man drinking glass is made to change into color mode once it senses a cold liquid within the cup. By default the Pac-Man designs on the glass are all white, but once a cold liquid comes into contact with the print, it turns colorized, with all of the ghosts turning into their normal colors of pink, orange, red, blue, etc, the dots on the glass turning to yellow, the borders of the game turning blue, and even the fruit turning into their own colors. Once the cold liquid is gone or the liquid inside starts to warm up, the colors on the glass will begin to fade back to white until more cold liquid is added to the pint glass.

Looks like a nice way to throw back a few cold ones after a long day.

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