PACIFIC RIM - Industrial Light and Magic Visual Effects Reel

Pacific Rim was one of the most entertaining movies that I saw this year! I had a smile on my face from beginning to end. It was so awesome watching those giant robots battling giant creatures! Industrial Light and Magic has released a very cool special effects reel that shows off the process of bringing this badassery to life on the big screen!

For over 2 years the team at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, Singapore and Vancouver worked tirelessly to bring Guillermo del Toro's science fiction epic "Pacific Rim" to life. This reel represents a taste of the visual effects work the team was tasked with in creating everything from monstrous Kaiju to the man-made Jaegers and the environments they are seen in.

I love watching these things. This part of the movie making process fascinates the hell out of me!