Paralyzed Humans Control the Robot Servers at a New Cafe in Japan

We all know that our future will be run by robots until their eventual uprising, right? Good. Until that moment though, Japan may have found a way to put a human element in robots.

A robotics company called Ory Laboratories opened a café in April 2016 where robots were the servers. However, these robots, called OriHime (probably more useful than the Bleach character) do not feature Artificial Intelligence, but rather, they are remote controlled.

Their controllers are the amazing part about this café, though. The people controlling the OriHime are people who are stuck at home or in hospitals because they are paralyzed or have some other illness and/or injury that keeps them in.

I absolutely love this idea, and based on the videos below, it seems that people at the café love it too. Ory Labs is now hoping to open a permanent location in 2020 according to Laughing Squid.

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