Paramount Has Set Grease Prequel SUMMER LOVING Into Motion


Paramount Studios’ division Paramount Players is now developing a Grease prequel entitled Summer Loving. John August has been hired to write the script, which is a perfect fit, as he is the writer of scripts such as Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Big Fish, as well as many of the songs from the first two.

The ever popular original 1978 film Grease starts out with Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) falling in love during a teenage summer romance on the beach. They then begin school, after believing they’d never see one another again, but Sandy surprisingly moves to the area and starts high school at Danny’s school, both of them unaware of each other’s close proximity, and sing to their friends about the summer love they experienced. Danny’s version of the song was a bit more scandalous, while Sandy’s is sweet and sentimental.

The movie goes on to sing and dance about high school problems like drag racing, sex, and beauty school. You remember high school. The movie ended with Sandy changing everything about herself to make Danny not be embarrassed of her and love her again. Then they flew off into the sky in a car while singing. Again, just like high school, right? And yet I still know all the songs. SO catchy.

The prequel will focus on that opening sequence song Summer Loving, and all the lemonade and splashing and feeling up that got it there. If Summer Loving can capture the whimsy and fun of the original, they just may have a hit on their hands.

Are you excited for a Grease prequel? Who do you want to see play Danny and Sandy?

Via: THR

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