Paramount's New YouTube Channel Lets You Watch Full Movies For Free

Here's an interesting strategy. Paramount Pictures has created a YouTube channel called The Paramount Vault that allows you to stream a selection of Paramount movies for free. To be fair, it's not like that selection is full of famous Paramount titles (although the sizzle reel video might have you believe that's the case), but there's a mixture of obscure older films, awful B-movies, Elvis Presley musicals, and much more. It's worth clicking around to see what's available in case there's something you've been dying to see that isn't on Netflix.

The Dolph Lundgren vehicle Masters of the Universe film is there, as well as the little-seen horror film The Loved Ones (which has something of a cult following since it was never given a big enough release by the studio after it acquired the Aussie movie a few years ago). You can also watch something called Turtle Power, a documentary about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phenomenon, if that's more up your alley. There are a lot of small clips mixed in with the full features, but you can scroll through the list and see for yourself if there's anything you think is worthwhile right now.

I'm not really sure why exactly Paramount would do this, other than maybe to generate some good will and to get people watching movies on YouTube with the hopes that maybe they'll pay to rent or purchase a Paramount film they really want to see that isn't available in the Vault. But either way, this is a service worth keeping an eye on, since it's possible they'll switch movies in and out similar to how Netflix operates.

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