PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Has a New Title and Release Date

Paramount Pictures has decided to call the fifth chapter in the Paranormal Activity franchise Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. You know what that means, we'll be getting found footage footage from the dimension of ghoooooooosts (I wrote that in my sarcastic spooky voice). 

The movie was originally just supposed to be called Paranormal Activity 5. It was going to be released on October 25th, 2015, but that's been changed up too. Now the film will hit theaters on March 13th, 2015, which is a Friday the 13th weekend. I guess that makes up for it not being released on Halloween.

The news comes from Variety who says that it "sounds like this haunted house tale is being treated like a spin-off instead of a direct sequel." There's no information on what the story will be, but the title gives you a hint. 

I've actually enjoyed watching the films of this franchise. They've gotten progressively worse since the first movie, but they're still fun horror flicks. 

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