Patrick Fabian Reveals Where He Thinks Howard Is In BREAKING BAD


It’s impossible to talk about Breaking Bad when discussing Better Call Saul, even if the actor the press is speaking to wasn’t in the original show. Variety recently asked Patrick Fabian where he thinks Howard is in the Breaking Bad timeline, and the actor’s response offered a couple different suggestions:

My gut tells me he’s not dead. People love to direct message me and say how do you think he’s going to die. This is just pure imagination, but I imagine that Howard gets involved somehow and get burned one more time — he either removes himself from the situation or just sort of fades away. I don’t see a violent end for Howard. But I don’t know. Maybe Gus Fring needs a lawyer! I will say this. I keep insisting to Giancarlo that I have the best suits in the show and he keeps insisting that he does. So we’ll have to see them in the same frame of film. That would be interesting, I think.

It sounds like Fabian doesn’t have any idea what’s going to happen to Howard down the stretch, although he’s hoping the lawyer finds some way to stay alive into the Breaking bad years. I’m hoping he doesn’t just fade away, even though the story seems to be fading away from him more and more. Will you miss Howard if he’s no longer on Better Call Saul in later seasons?

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