Patrick Stewart Reveals When His New Picard STAR TREK Series Will Take Place


For those of you who have been wondering when Patrick Stewart’s upcoming Picard Star Trek series takes place, today we have an answer for you!

When the project was first announced there was word that the show would be set 20 to 25 years into the future of the the Star Trek: The Next Generation timeline. While appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the actor ended up revealing a more specific time saying it’s set, “Exactly 19 years in the future, which was how time has passed since the last time I put on my spacesuit...for the television series.”

The final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “All Good Things,” was set in the year 2370. With the Picard series taking place 19 years later, it means the series will be set in the year 2389.

The last time Stewart played Picard was in Star Trek: Nemesis, which was set in 2379. So a decade will have passed since Picard faced off against his villainous clone, Shinzon. The time frame also means that two years have passed since a supernova destroyed Romulus in 2387. This is an event that is said to have “radically altered” Picard’s life.

Producer Alex Kurtzman had this to say about the series recently:

“Well, I'll tell you the first thing we all said is it has to feel grounded. No matter what choices we're making about portraying the future, it has to feel grounded, because I think one of the things people have loved so much about Next Gen is that it is a very emotional, thoughtful, grounded piece of entertainment. And the easy thing to do is come up with crazy floating skyscrapers, and all the cliches of science fiction, and we've tried to avoid that across the board. So, in the production design, in the look of it, in the feel of it, it's always about the small intimate personal details that you can still connect to now even though it's taking place so far in the future.”

I’m excited to see what this series will offer, but Stewart has been pushing the writing team to do something new and different with the character, and that’s exciting.

Stewart has also said that this isn’t going to be an episodic type series like Star Trek: The Next Generation was. He explained that “They are writing a 10-hour movie,” and that they hope that it will get more than only one season.

The new Picard series will debut on CBS All Access in late 2019. Excited!?

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