Patrick Warburton Will Return as THE TICK for Amazon

According to, Patrick Warburton is set to reprise his role as the title character in The Tick, which is being revived on Amazon.

The Tick is a comic by Ben Edlund that was first adapted as a cartoon series in the mid ’90s before being turned into a live-action comedy. Despite receiving critical acclaim, the show only lasted one season before being cancelled by Fox in 2002. The show likely lacked the action and drama more mature audiences were expecting going up against a show like Smallville, which also debuted in 2001. It was also a little too adult for young fans of the animated TV series. The fact that Fox didn’t own the rights to all The Tick characters made the show feel even less familiar to those fans as well, with Die Fledermaus and American Maid being changed to Batmanuel and Captain Liberty. However, the series has since gained a cult following through DVD and streaming.

I watched every episode of the show when they initially aired on television. I rewatched the first few episodes of the show before writing this article and I have to say, it was way ahead of its time. It featured a mix of real and DIY superheroes and mostly focused on the in-between hijinks they would get into while not fighting crime. It's like Watchmen meets Kick-Ass, just minus all the violence and awkward sex scenes... mostly. It’s a great comedic concept that isn’t really being explored right now. With comic book properties being a hotter commodity than ever, perhaps The Tick could see a well-deserved longer life on Amazon. Warburton and the rest of the cast seemed born to play those roles. With the Seinfeld vet returning, hopefully the rest of the cast of costumed heroes, which included Nestor Carbonell (LOST, The Dark Knight), will be climbing back into their tights as well.

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