Paul Bettany is Terrifying as the Unabomber in the Trailer For MANHUNT: UNABOMBER

Paul Bettany is donning the iconic aviators and hoodie in the trailer for Discovery's original limited series Manhunt: Unabomber. Bettany portrays the country's most notorious and disturbing mass terrorists Ted Kaczynski in this true crime drama.

The 8-episode limited series that was previously titled Manifesto focuses on the 17-year search for Kaczynski, who was nicknamed the Unabomber. For almost 2 decades Kaczynski left bombs throughout the country that left 3 people dead and 23 others injured.

Bettany is joined by an impressive ensemble cast that includes Mark Duplass, Sam Worthington and Jane Lynch.

When Hollywood tackles these real-life events, it always makes the stories more disturbing and a lot more impactful. I am anxious to see how the series plays out. What do you think?

Manhunt: Unabomber, debuts on Discovery on August 1.

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