Paul Feig May Direct GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot with Female Cast

In news that has enraged depressed male Internet commenters the world over, Variety reports that Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) is in talks to direct a reboot of Ghostbusters that will feature an all-female ghost busting team. A new script will be written from scratch. I know that some of you were still holding out hope for Ghostbusters 3, but that seems less and less likely all the time. Bill Murray is never going to sign on, and Harold Ramis died earlier this year, which is most likely what prompted director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2) to leave the project in March. That doesn’t leave much of a band to get back together (sorry, Dan Aykroyd).

Sony has been looking for a new director for the project since Reitman’s departure, and now it sounds like they’ve settled on this idea instead. THR originally reported that Feig was in talks to direct Ghostbusters 3, but have updated their article to state that this is a new project. Apparently the talks are very preliminary, and no formal negotiations have taken place, so nothing is set in stone. The director is already set to shoot Spy with Melissa McCarthy, due out next year, and he reportedly has several scripts in development at Fox, so this new lady Ghostbusters is, at best, third in line.

I know everyone complains about reboots, and a lot of them are terrible and unnecessary. The first two Ghostbusters don’t require updating, but if Sony is intent on squeezing more money out of the franchise, wouldn’t you rather see a fresh start with some really funny comediennes than one out of three original Ghostbusters handing things off to Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Zac Efron? I can get behind complaints that Sony is messing with the Ghostbusters, but I don’t understand complaints that girls ruin everything. Feig hasn’t directly commented on the news, but he did send out this sort of subtweet:

I feel ya, Paul Feig.

Which funny actresses would you like to see suit up? Which funny actors would you like to see as the damsel in distress? Put your suggestions in the comments.