Paul Feig Says He Has Ideas For SPY 2 Involving Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham's Idiotic Secret Agent

I'm convinced not enough people gave Paul Feig's Spy a chance last year because the trailers made it look terrible. You may have skipped it, but in my review, I called it one of the best action comedies ever made, so it's pretty clear that I loved it and think more people should seek it out. It's one of the extraordinarily few movies that actually utilizes Melissa McCarthy correctly, and Jason Statham's hilariously overconfident secret agent Rick Ford was one of the aspects that really took the film to another level.

Good news for those of us who loved the film: co-writer/director Paul Feig says he has plans for a sequel, and both McCarthy and Statham would be involved. He told Empire:

“That’s another world that I don’t want to walk away from. It's the first thing I did that I set up to be a possible franchise and Melissa is dying to do it. I have a story for it, and a funny idea that will kick it off that involves Statham."
"Susan Cooper is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever come up with,” continues Feig, "but Rick Ford is possibly the one I’ll take to the grave with me. Will he get any more self-aware in the sequel? No, god no. He’ll get less self-aware.”

I can't wait to see that. Spy didn't perform especially well at the box office, but maybe it made enough of a splash in the home video market that a studio will greenlight this sequel. In the meantime, check out this excellent video that imagines an animated version of some of Rick Ford's bold claims:

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