Paul Feig Wants To Make a GHOSTBUSTERS Sequel and He Says He's Proud of His First Movie

Paul Feig's all-female Ghostbusters movie did really go over well with most audiences. Even though I enjoyed Feig's previous films and the cast that they got to star in the movie, it ultimately ended up being a huge disappointment. In fact, I thought it was a downright terrible movie. 

It's been a couple years since the movie was released and since then we learned that producer Ivan Reitman is developing an animated spinoff movie. I haven't heard anything about a sequel to Feig's movie, though. I figured it wouldn't happen, but Feig would really like to make a sequel! While talking to Yahoo, he said:

"We would love [to make another movie]; it’s really up to the studio. We had so much fun making that movie."

I'm sure it was a blast being able to make a movie like that, unfortunately, the final product just didn't work. That's just my opinion, I know that there are some people that did enjoy the film. The director is certainly proud of it. He went on to say:

"The movie’s just really built an audience in the two years since it’s been out. I get contacted every day by people who are such fans of it, and so many women who are inspired by seeing women in science. I will go to my grave so proud of that movie, and so proud of what that cast did in that film."

Would you like to see Peig team back up with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones for a Ghostbusters sequel or do you hope they just leave it alone?

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