PC Is Getting Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Studios Games, and Win32 Support


PC gamers got some big news lately from Xbox. The first big piece of news is that Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC. XGP will be a subscription service that gives players access to over 100 games on PC. These aren’t just old games or garbage games that no one plays either. Some of these games come from developers like Bethesda and Paradox Interactive as well as Obsidian.

XGP also gives PC players a discount in the Microsoft Store if they decide to purchase any of the games from the subscription’s library. If you buy the game, you’ll see a discount up to 20% off and if you’re buying DLC or other add-ons, you’ll get up to 10% off.

The second piece of news from the same announcement is that all new games from Xbox Game Studios will be available on PC through the Microsoft Store and Steam to start, but it sounds like they’re open to potentially growing that. The first games that will be available on Steam will be Gears 5 and Age of Empires I, II & III: Definitive Editions.

Finally, the announcement was made that the Microsoft Store will recognize Win32 app formatted game. If you’re a developer, I understand this is a big deal as you will no longer have to repackage your programs specifically for the Windows Store (via PC Gamer).

I wonder if XGP will cost the same as its console counterpart. Are you excited for more Xbox games on PC? More info should be available at Xbox’s E3 briefing on June 9 at 1 PM Pacific Time.

Via: Xbox

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