Pee-Wee Herman Movie Heads to Netflix

According to The WrapJudd Apatow and Paul ReubensPee-wee Herman movie has moved from Universal Pictures to Netflix. According to a source close to the production, “it moved to Netflix a gazillion months ago.” A studio rep did confirm that the project was no longer with Universal.

Reubens has been working on getting another Pee-wee feature film off the ground for years, and it finally all seems to be coming together. He is obviously returning to reprise his role as Pee-wee in the film project that he also co-wrote with comedian Paul Rust. Apatow came on board as a producer to help it get made.

Earlier this year Ruebens did an interview in which he said, “we now have such an amazing company involved, and that’s the really big announcement that hasn’t been made yet.” The “amazing company” Reubens was apparently referring to here was Netflix, which is a perfect fit for the project. I assume the movie will also at least get a limited theatrical release.

No director has been announced for the project, and we still don’t have any plot details to report, but like most of the Pee-wee related stuff, I’m sure fans will love whatever he brings.

We’ll keep you updated on the project as we learn more.

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