Peter Griffin Epically Becomes Deadpool in FAMILY GUY's 300th Episode and Things Get Bloody


Remember that time when FOX canceled Family Guy? That was a major brain fart. Thankfully they brought the show back and this weekend, the 300th episode of the show aired! Can you believe that it actually made it to episode 300!? That's pretty cool.

Anyway, in the story, Peter goes through a treatment that is supposed to give him powers. But things ended up taking a turn for the worse and Peter ends up contracting anal cancer. So he decides to become a superhero by the name of "Red Stool."

There was an awesome moment in the episode where Peter Griffin's Deadpool is attacked by some thugs while telling his story, and he violently fights back, brutally killing them in some pretty gruesome ways. They basically recreated the opening action sequence of the Deadpool movie. 

It turned out pretty funny and if you're a fan of Deadpool and Family Guy, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy this!

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