Peter Jackson is Restoring BAD TASTE and DEAD ALIVE For 4K Releases!


My introduction to director Peter Jackson came when I first watched his insane gore filled horror film Dead Alive on VHS when I was in high school. After experiencing that greatness, my friends and I managed to find a copy of his 1987 film Bad Taste, which was Jackson’s very first film, and that was quite the unexpected and wild treat.

It’s pretty crazy to think that Jackson went from making these low-budget silly horror films filled with blood and gore to making one three of the greatest films ever made… The Lord of the Rings.

For those of you who are fans of these films, you’ll be happy to learn that Jackson and his team are going to restore them and release the films in 4K! He made the big reveal on Empire’s Film Podcast, saying:

“Anything from those films that is available is, like, 1990s Telecine things, which is the best that we had… compared now, they look bloody awful. I just haven’t re-released them because, if I do, I want them to look really good. We’ve actually done some experiments. They look bloody fantastic. They look like they’re shot on 35mm.”

“So yeah, what we’ll do now is.. get really nice 4K copies of these fully restored and back out into circulation again,” Jackson added.

Jackson also said that he will also restore his movie Meet the Feebles. This is pretty exciting because I’ve never seen any of these film in decent quality. Even the “HD” DVD copies are crap. It would be so cool if Jackson actually re-released them in theaters as a double feature!

Here are the trailers for the films, and you’ve never seen these films, you need to watch them!

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