Peter Jackson's MORTAL ENGINES Gets Ripped Apart by Honest Trailers

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Mortal Engines didn’t really do too well and was torn apart by most critics. I actually enjoyed the film regardless of its issues. It had some great imagery, and I thought that it was a very different and unique film.

I liked it for what it was. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. Was it filled with all kinds of strange and weird elements that deserve to be torn apart in this new episode of Honest Trailers? Absolutely, and they sure to have some fun with it.

One of the things that they drive home is the fact that in reality, the film is a harrowing game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. They point out a lot of other things that are sure to give you laugh.

What did you all think of Mortal Engines after you saw it?

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