PHANDELVER'S NOTICEBOARDS Is Full of Side Quests for Low Level D&D Parties

If your Dungeons & Dragons party is playing through the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign or is traveling in the hinterlands, Phandelver’s Noticeboards is a solid unofficial supplement for you to consider. It features 24 side quests with some designed for level 1-2 parties and others designed for level 3-4 parties and some even taking place at/near Phandalin. The quests are short, but some even have notes on how to use them later down the road as well, such as obtaining a magical item that affects the wielder. I especially love the fact that with your purchase you get images of different noticeboards that you can show your players with the job requests on them. It’s a very nice touch.

The quest seeds you find in this collection are intended for villages or small towns in the hinterlands, where strange monsters roam and the wilds are still untamed. The noticeboards numbered one and two are intended for characters of level 1 or 2; the noticeboards numbered three through six for characters of level 3 or 4. One noticeboard covers the quests available in Phandalin, the village described in the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign. The description of each respective quest is included in the campaign book, however. You may use these quest seeds to liven up villages along the characters’ way, to bridge sessions where some players are missing from the table, or to offer more variety during a Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign.

Phandelver’s Noticeboards was created by Christian Eichhorn and is available from the DMs Guild for $4.99.

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