Phase 2 of Poster Posse's BIG HERO 6 Collaboration

Luke Butland

Luke Butland

The Poster Posse’s collaboration with Disney continues apace with six new posters for Big Hero 6, and frankly, I think these are the best ones yet. Although, looking back on Phase 1 (here) and the NYCC exclusive poster (here), it's really hard to choose a favorite. I do love Sharm Murugiah’s variant edition and Luke Butland’s San Fransokyo travel poster, though. Butland explained his inspiration,

I instantly loved the world that Disney had created for Big Hero 6 And wanted to do something that showed it off, it seemed to me that the city of Sanfransokyo was a character all unto itself so I chose that as the focal point of my print. Drawing inspiration from the classic City Travel posters of the 50’s and 60’s.  With this print I went in a completely different direction from my normal style, hopefully its worked out and I hope you guys like it !!! 

I also really love the way Berkay Daglar and Simon Delart each put Baymax in a box in their own ways and the way Ben Mcleod’s take on the hero looks so iconic. Paul Shipper’s version is the only one I’ve seen that puts the whole team front and center, which is kind of key since the movie is called Big Hero 6.

I am seeing the movie really really soon, and this poster set just has me even more amped for it. Which one(s) would you hang on your wall?

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