Phil Lord and Chris Miller Developing Time Travel Comedy Series IN TIME

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the two talented individuals who are currently working on the standalone Han Solo film, are developing a new time traveling TV series called In Time

The pilot episode is is being written by Julius Sharpe (Family Guy, The Cleveland Show), and the story revolves around “three friends who try to balance the adventure of time travel with the mundane concerns of their present day lives.”

Lord and Miller have impressed audiences with The LEGO Movie, the 21 Jump Street franchise, Cloudy With the Chance of Meatballs, and their current TV series, Last Man On Earth. They really know how to effectively bring on the laughs and tell a good story, and In Time sounds like it has the potential to be an enjoyable new series.

They also have an animated pilot in development called Son Of Zorn, which stars Jason Sudeikis. In Time will most likely premiere on Fox, which is where Lord and Miller have a deal set up.

Source: Deadline

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