Photo of Paul Walker's Brothers on FAST AND FURIOUS 7 Set

Vin Diesel posted this photo of himself with two of Paul Walker's brothers who are on the set of Fast and Furious 7 to help them finish the film. Caleb and Cody Walker will serve as stand-in's for Paul on the film. It's a pretty cool way for them to be able to pay tribute to their brother. Each of them definitely share certain features with their brother. If you were to merge the two together, they would look just like him. The photo came along with the following note:

When I heard the news, I left the production, grabbed a plane and took my family and Michelle back to LA... drove directly to his parent's house...

His Father said, Paul loved you Vin... I awkwardly and nervously said, aw come on... then he said... you don't have to get along every second to love each other... so true.

P.s. After spending time with his biological brothers, I must say to the parents, you raised some great kids.

The movie opens on April 10th, 2015.

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