Photos of Young Michael Caine in KINGSMAN Deleted Scene

A couple of interesting photos have surfaced from a deleted scene in Matthew Vaughn’s badass film Kingsman: The Secret Service. I’ve seen the movie twice already, and both times have been freakin’ awesome! Jellyfish Pictures worked on some of the visual effects for the film, and the photos they released are from a deleted scene that features a younger version of Michael Caine.

“Jellyfish worked on the VFX for the movie including a complex sequence involving Michael Caine looking 40 years younger.”

The photo looks amazing, and I would have absolutely loved to see how this would have worked on the big screen. We’ve seen other movies try to de-age older actors, but there’s always something off about it. The images we see here look amazing, but I’d have to see it in motion to be able to judge how amazing it would actually be.

The scene would have taken place in the mid 1970s, and I’m not sure how it would have been incorporated into the story, which is probably why it was cut.


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