Pilot Golems in a Variety of Ways with This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Golemancy Supplement

You know what I’ve never thought about before? Letting my players create golems and then use said golems to create a Voltron or Megazord in Dungeons & Dragons. The thought never really crossed my mind. That is, until I came across Gerard Shore’s Golemancy fan made supplement for D&D. I haven’t been able to try it out for myself yet, or extensively read all the bits, but what I’ve gathered is that Shore has created a way for spellcasters to create golems and then players can pilot said golems. Here are some examples of golems that can be made from the description on DMs Guild:

  • Any of the golems found within the Monster Manual

  • A three-headed dragon golem, complete with fire breath

  • A tiny golem who's only purpose is to get a hold of your enemy and self-destruct with explosive fury

  • A humanoid-piloted golem, or even a humanoid-piloted golem, within a golem, within a golem like a Russian Nesting Doll, or a Spiral Warrior finally ready to finish off the anti-spirals.

  • A team of humanoid-piloted, lion-shaped golems that can join together to become a gargantuan humanoid golem.

I think I may have to go purchase this and find some way to fit it in my campaign. It sounds especially perfect if you run a non-Eberron campaign. You can purchase Golemancy at DMs Guild for a measly $2!

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