Pixar's INSIDE OUT Recut as a Dark Psychological Thriller

“We all have little voices in our head.”

CineMash has taken Pixar's charming heartfelt animated adventure about emotions, Inside Out, and cut together a trailer that makes it look like a dark and disturbing psychological thriller. It's brilliantly done in a way that makes Riley look like she's losing her mind, and it doesn't use any of the emotion characters from the film. So it basically shows us what this movie would actually be like if we didn't see what was going on in her head with Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.

This is how regular observers would see her in real life. Turns out she's just a deeply disturbed kid descending into madness as she is battling the voices in her head while trying to survive in her new home of San Francisco. Of course, the eerie music used in the video really drives the point home.

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