PIXELS Honest Trailer Rips Adam Sandler Apart

There's a subset of online writing happening right now where people write hot takes and thinkpieces about movies they haven't even seen in order to get clicks based on the larger points the movie makes, or the premise, or whatever the case happens to be. This is a crappy tactic — if you want to have any sort of meaningful conversation about a movie, you should at least take the time to watch it. I have no intention of having a meaningful conversation about Pixels, so I'm glad to say I skipped seeing this one altogether. At a certain point, my time becomes more valuable than being able to say I've sat through a certain movie, especially if I don't plan to write about it or if it's a movie I'm almost certainly going to outright despise. Most of Adam Sandler's recent filmography falls into that category for me, and considering the absolute spanking this Honest Trailer gives the movie (and particularly Sandler himself), I probably made the right choice with this one.

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