Play the KINGDOM RUSH Tower Defense Game on Your Table with KINGDOM RUSH: RIFT IN TIME Now on Kickstarter


Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that you can play on your web browser or your mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun and one of my favorites. Well, now it is becoming a board game. Kingdom Rush: Rift In Time is a Kickstarter project that brings everything you love about Kingdom Rush to your tabletop. If you back the game, first, it’ll cost $59 to get a copy of the game. However, you’ll also get any stretch goals they unlock and seeing as how they’ve raised $299,963 out of $20,000 at the time of this writing, they’re going to unlock a fair number of stretch goals.

The game looks like a lot of fun and I love the miniatures that you get with it. They are the biggest reason I want to get this game. I want to get the game and paint all these awesome miniatures.

Back to the gameplay though, it looks like it will play just like a tower defense with a couple of twists. First, the creators have handled the hordes of minions in a genius way. A 5x5 tile will house all of the swarm and you have to use your towers to cover all the enemies or they’ll get through and hurt you. The other cool twist is that towers go away after the round they’re played. This means you can’t just build your towers and sit back and watch the massacre.

I’m really excited for Rift In Time which is being made by Lucky Duck Games. Are you going to back the project?

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