PlayStation and Sega Genesis Console Transformers

Unless you’re consistently playing old games, there is no practical reason to keep your old consoles out on display, especially when there are emulators and iOS versions that allow you access to many of the classic games out there. But what if that old console out on your desk wasn’t a console at all? What if, there was more than meets the eye? TakaraTomy will soon be releasing Transformers that are just that, consoles in disguise. Optimus Prime transforms into the Sony PlayStation, complete with a memory card and a controller, and Megatron transforms into the Sega Mega Drive (the name of the Genesis outside of North America), complete with a game cartridge and controller. I can’t quite tell, but I’m hoping they are the exact same size as the original game consoles. Regardless, TakaraTomy did a fantastic job with these.

H/T: The Awesomer via Geekologie

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