This group of cosplay friends got together to create a fun cosplay mashup that combines the awesomeness of Pokémon Go with the cuteness of Sailor Moon. The result is an adorable cosplay crossover that any fan of these properties will enjoy.

In celebration of International Sailor Moon Day and National Friendship day this past weekend, me and my talented friends all got together a group of Sailor Scouts as they would be imagined as Pokemon Go Trainers! This idea was thought up by Pudding Cosplay and Photography. We had been planning to be Sailor Moon Pokemon trainers off some fan art we saw back in April, but with the release of the new Pokemon Go game a month ago, she realized that the new trainer designs would very easily go along with the Sailor Scout colors! We quickly got to work and Felicia Dark helped us develop our own custom patterns for this! AlyCat Cosplay created everyone’s belts! Everyone put in a huge amount of effort to collaborate and make their cosplays themselves! We reached out to Chiseled Light Photography to take all of our photos and he did such an amazing job bringing our idea to life! We had so much fun doing this idea together because Sailor Moon means so much to each of us and we are very involved with playing Pokemon Go all the time!

Photography by: Chiseled Light Photography
Sailor Moon: Pudding Cosplay and Photography
Sailor Mercury: NebulaNeko Cosplay
Sailor Mars: SkyKat Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter: AlyCat Cosplay
Sailor Venus: Felicia Dark
Original concept created by Pudding Cosplay and Photography
Romper and Jacket Pattern developed by Felicia Dark
Belts by AlyCat Cosplay

Via: Fashionably Geek

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