POKEMON GO Event Promises Big Bonuses and Maybe an INDIANA JONES-Style Hat

Games POkemon Go by Bryam Dayley

Do people still play Pokemon GO? I know I do, but I've seen less and less people out on the street playing. Well, Pokemon GO is hoping to change that with a special "Adventure Week" starting this Thursday the 18th til the 25th.

Adventure week sounds like it may be just another gimmick like previous events, but it may prove to be much more than that. While previous events have promised Water Pokemon and Grass Pokemon, this event promises rock... Pokemon. Hmmmm. Ok, wait... there's more. Really there is. It promises not just your regular rock Pokemon you're used to, but also more rare ones like fossil Pokemon Omanyte, Kabuto, and Aerodactyl as well as new gen rock Pokemon like Larvitar and Shuckle.

But what sets this event apart from the other events is some of the many things it plans to do in addition to increased type of Pokemon. It also will increase item drops by a large margin, increase candies from buddy Pokemon, which will make it easier to level up and evolve certain Pokemon that are harder to find, and also it is discounting pokeball prices. While that last thing may not sound great to people who don't spend money on the game, there is one other thing that should make people excited. A new free wardrobe item. Earlier this year, we were given a Magikarp hat. While silly, it became many people's favorite hat. For adventurers willing to go out and catch Pokemon this week, they will be rewarded with the Adventurer's Cap, which many are assuming will be an Indiana Jones Style fedora. Now that's something I can get behind. The event runs from May 18th to May 25th. So go out and Adventure!

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