Pokemon Gyms Will Be Run by Gym Masters in POKEMON SWORD and SHIELD

Friday morning, Pokemon fans were treated to a puzzling piece of news. Many of us have been ecstatic over the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield and are patiently waiting for any news regarding the eighth generation of games.

In the announcement trailer of the game, we saw the player character walking out into what looked like a soccer stadium in what looked like a soccer uniform. This left many fans curious as to what it could be, and Nintendo answered the question in a tweet explaining that these stadiums will be gyms and they will be led by Gym Masters.

In previous games, the main people at gyms have been called Gym Leaders and this change in title has fans abuzz about if any other changes are being made with it. Will Gym Masters be different from Gym Leaders in past games?

Note: The original tweet was deleted, so a screen cap has been provided.

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