POKEMON QUEST is Coming to China and Other Generic Announcements From the POKEMON Press Conference

The recent Pokémon press conference was not as satiating as I had hoped. It was a moment for The Pokémon Company to announce some of their upcoming plans, but that meant that there was very little detail provided on a lot of things. The press conference started by announcing that the 3DS title Detective Pikachu, the game that was recently turned into a Hollywood film, would finally be getting a sequel on the Nintendo Switch. Other than the fact that the game will play out differently than the film, we didn’t get any other details.

That news was followed up by talk of the new Pokémon Center Singapore in Changi Airport and the Pokémon Center Shibuya that will be opening in Parco later this year.

Additionally, it was announced that Pokémon Quest will be the first official Pokémon game in China with 1.7 million users already pre-registered to play when it launches. The game will even have new features including PvP and social systems integrated. Hopefully other regions will get those at some point.

Finally, remember those cool Pokémon shirts? The Pokémon Company is working to bring those to the rest of the world. Not much was said to expand on that, but we were told that more details are to come.

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