Police Storm in and Arrest Two Gunman Threatening Stan Lee at His Home

Stan Lee by Joey Paur

The drama surrounding Stan Lee continues with a crazy new story about two gunmen who were arrested on his property earlier this week! 

Daily Mail is reporting that 20 police units and a helicopter rushed to Stan's home after reports that there was an armed man was making threats towards Stan. Police detained two suspected gunmen when they arrived. According to a source, this is what went down:

The men claimed Lee owed them money and arrived at the property to demand he pay them back. A source who witnessed the incident said things went bad following an angry confrontation between Lee and one of the men. There were two guys standing outside demanding money, they were shouting. There was a confrontation with Stan in front of his house, but Stan doesn't know either of them. One guy was saying "I want my money". But when everyone realized the men had guns everyone retreated inside. Stan's lawyer, business partner and a nurse were with him at the house. At some point the men took out their guns and were pointing them around so the police were called.

The cops rushed in guns drawn and the did their job. But in the hell is wrong with people! They guys are really showing up at Stan Lee's house with guns trying to collect money!? Stan is 95 freakin' years old! Did Stan get involved with the mob or something!? Sheesh! 

It's just nuts that these two guys showed up with guns trying to shake Stan Lee down for money. Poor guy needs to get away and go on a vacation of something.

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