Pop Culture Heroes Frozen in (Chocolate) Carbonite

Apparently Jabba the Hutt survived Princess Leia’s extremely vigorous deep tissue neck massage and has kept himself busy by continuing to collect bounties that have been frozen in carbonite. Or at least he has for this series from food photographer Henry Hargeaves. "Jabba's Bounty" imagines pop culture heroes from our galaxy frozen in carbonite, a.k.a. chocolate and edible silver paint.

There was always something extremely terrifying about Han Solo’s frozen facial expression and clawing hands when he's frozen in carbonite. Since Hargeaves used standard action figures to make the molds for these, that horrific expression isn’t replicated as well through the whole series. Kermit the Frog and Hulk Hogan look genuinely scared though. Putting Harrison Ford back in carbonite as Indiana Jones was also quite ingenious. You can check out our favorites and watch a video of Hargeaves' process below.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series at Fubiz (via: Neatorama).

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