Popular Cartoon and Comic Book Characters Get X-Rayed

Have you ever wondered what the skeletal structures of popular cartoon and comic book characters look like? No? Me either, but apparently artist Chris Panda did.

These X-ray views have real dimension to them, these are not just simple overlays. For example: in the Batman Vs. Superman piece, look at Superman's forearm and how the radius and ulna interact.

Another example of how dimensionalized these skeletal structures are is Spider-Man's pelvic bone. You can tell exactly where his hips are pointed and thanks to the shading you get a sense of his mass.

Whenever I think of mermaids, subconsciously I think they have legs tucked into a fish body and fins, I know that's wrong but that just how my brain processes it. The Little Mermaid X-rayed piece makes her fish half more apparent and makes something I already know more consciously apparent and creepy.

Despite how creepy or weird they are, ultimately this art by Chris Panda is just so damn cool. He's got a few pieces for sale and he takes commissions. Shoutout to Geek X Girls who found this cool art.

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