Popular Tabletop Game CARCASSONNE Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Tabletop gaming is a great hobby, although for some it can be rather hard to keep up with. Coordinating times to play and locations to meet is always a chore, and sometimes you never know when you'll have an hour to kill and play a game with friends. Asmodee understands that, and is bringing one of its most popular games to Nintendo Switch.

Carcassonne is coming to the Switch later this year, and if you've never played it before, you should! Check out a quick trailer below and continue reading:

Asmodee Digital added there are plans to bring more tabletop games to the Switch, which means we could see Catan, Ticket To Ride, Colt Express, Pandemic, and so many other great tabletop games of the past couple decades appear on the platform. Personally, I'm super stoked because I love playing my Switch in tablet mode, and also love playing tabletop with friends. 

Here's hoping the launch later this year is successful because I'm banking on the Switch being a big haven for future Tabletop games.

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