Possible Description of the First BATMAN V SUPERMAN Teaser Trailer

We are going to get our first real look at Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at San Diego Comic-Con. But there is a site claiming that the teaser trailer that is supposed to screen at the con has been leaked, and they offer a description of what they claim to have seen before it disappeared.

There is absolutely no confirmation if this is real or not, and I'm not familiar with the site that initially ran the story, kdramasters. I found the news at Comicbook.com who says that the site "often purports to have big exclusives and manages to be right enough for people to take them seriously." We are going to treat this as a big rumor until we actually see the trailer ourselves. I did look for a video online but couldn't find anything. This is the description that is given:

"The Batman vs Superman trailer starts with a dark screen with the voice over of General Zod's 'you are not alone message' the screen slowly pans and it reveals that the scene is inside the Batcave. The camera slowly pans to a shot where you can only see the back of Batman but he is not yet wearing his cowl. Every monitor in the Batcave is playing Zod's video. After the message is complete, Batman wears his cowl turns to the camera and the trailer ends with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice logo being revealed."

It sounds plausible, and seems like a simple tease to get the fan drooling for more. But, it's also a description that could easily have been made up. We'll know the truth of it soon enough.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release May 6th, 2016. 

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