Possible Details About First STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Teaser Trailer Leaked

The first teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi is said to be premiering at Star Wars Celebration in April. We might have an idea of what that trailer contains thanks to Mike Zeroh, who obtained the information from 4chan, so take this information with a grain of salt. 4chan is hit or miss with this kind of information, and it's worth nothing that the information has since been removed from the site. 

In a recent video Zeroh posted on YouTube, he offers a shot-for-shot breakdown of the information. It certainly sounds intriguing, and fake or not, it still managed to get me excited for the movie! It's hard to tell what is real and what's not with this kind of stuff, but I post because it makes for fun conversation with fans! 

If you don't want to know what these possible details might be, then I suggest you not read any further or watch the video.

The teaser reportedly starts with “Finn waking up from a nightmare/coma” and is followed by Poe Dameron showing up saying, “They’re here”.

It's said that the main scene from the trailer features a man in black, who is rumored to be the character Benicio del Toro is playing. In the scene, he's firing on a “procession of mourners” in a city, while Poe, Finn, BB-8, and new character played by Kelly Marie Tran are watching in shock.

Then apparently Captain Phasma shows up ordering a team of stormtroopers to "Find them!" 

A non-CGI version of Snoke is also supposed to appear in the trailer when he steps out of the shadows after we hear General Leia say, "Their shadow is growing."

Snoke reportedly asks Hux “Is he alive?” and then Hux replies, “Barely, Supreme Leader.” Snoke then says, “Good, it’s time for a family reunion.” Revealing Snoke in the first trailer would be awesome! 

That last bit of dialogue is the hardest thing for me swallow because it's so cheesy. I just don't see Johnson writing that kind of dialogue for Star Wars.

There's also a scene in which Finn bursts into a meeting with General Leia, and he says to her “They’re back,” which is followed by Leia replying with, “I felt it.” The Millennium Falcon comes flying out from under the waves of a sea and into the sky.

Luke Skywalker isn't shown in the trailer,  but according to the report, we do hear him say, “Everything will die with us.”

A lot more details of what's going on in the trailer are discussed in the video below. I just wanted to highlight some of the bigger and cooler aspects of what was revealed. 

It seems like there are going to be a lot of quick shots teasing the fans but not offering any answers, which makes sense for a first trailer for a Star Wars movie like The Last Jedi

Again, this is all rumored information. Nothing has been confirmed, and take it all with a hefty grain of sith salt. Just thought it was something you might want to check out and discuss. Watch the video breakdown below. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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