Possible Importance of Luke Skywalker's Necklace in STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

The Lord of the Rings has the One Ring, Titanic has the Heart of the Ocean, but for the most part, jewelry has never been of huge importance in the Star Wars universe... Until Now. Possible Spoilers ahead.

In Rogue One, we learned more of the Kyber Crystals which power Jedi lightsabers, and some new rumors have been stating that Luke Skywalker may just be hiding some of the last remaining Kyber Crystals. Specifically, Making Star Wars is reporting that a necklace Luke had been wearing on the set of the film has a Kyber Crystal attached to it.

Luke has been seen wearing a necklace that from a distance looks like a dog whistle, but at the bottom of it is a red Crystal. Nothing has been officially confirmed if it plays a major role in the film, but the report speculates that it may be a piece of the Kyber Crystal from Darth Vader's original red lightsaber.

Even if it doesn't play a role in the film, that attention to detail that allows them to add to the lore of the film is equally as exciting. Some of the things that make Star Wars so exciting are the things that are not explained in detail; the small clues of a bigger universe that allow our minds to go wild. It makes theorist go crazy, and I would love to see it be a neat little bit of set dressing. We'll find out when the movie is finally released later this year.

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